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Statement of Mission and Purpose
Resource Publications, Inc. (RPI) is an independent communications company that strives to help people reach their fullest potential on both personal and professional levels, primarily by providing leadership resources in the areas of ministry and education. We do this to make a positive difference in our world, in keeping with our core values.

Core Values at Resource Publications, Inc. (RPI)

  1. We want our work to be important and meaningful. We want to make a difference in the world. We want to be responsive to real and current needs, and we want to be pro-active and inventive about finding solutions to future and emerging needs. We want to be helpful to as many people as we can reach through our professional efforts. Because we work primarily through other leaders, we know our work can have widespread and immediate impact.
  2. We want to succeed. We strive to plan and execute strategies that provide value for our customers and make a reasonable profit for our company. We recognize that our business is "a team sport," and we want our colleagues and associates at RPI to be effective and successful. We believe it is important to take the extra step to help our associates achieve success at their efforts.
  3. We like what we do. We have trouble thinking of any other line of work that can inspire, teach/inform, entertain, encourage and just plain help so many people in so many places on an ongoing basis. We believe that our work has an impact on large numbers of people, and that it continually offers us opportunities to change the world to be a better place, by helping the people in it do their work better. The end result is that we help people lead better, happier lives.
  4. We value our role as an independent entity, recognizing that it challenges each of us to be directly and personally responsible for the placement of our corporate energy, while allowing us the flexibility we need to assert both imagination and true leadership in the work we do.
  5. We want to help our customers to be more successful, and we work to develop win-win "deals" and positive relationships with our customers and clients.
  6. We strive to be thorough in our work. We want our work to be of the highest quality. Excellence is our goal both in content and appearance. Aesthetics are important to us and to our customers. We want our results to be seen as imaginative.
  7. We want to work hard on the right things, and we understand that in the field we are in we may have to put in some extra time, energy and thought in order to "discern" the right things and assure the success of the enterprise.
  8. We want to lead rather than follow, and pursue solutions to core issues in the church, in schools, in our society and the world at large, while following the golden rule and other principles from our Judeo-Christian heritage, and universal positive values such as truth, justice, charity and growth.

A Brief History

A Very Brief History of Resource Publications,Inc. (RPI)

RPI was founded in 1973 by William and Susan Burns of San Jose, Calif.to publish a Roman Catholic worship leader's resource magazine which is now called Ministry & Liturgy. RPI has added a number of additional publishing programs over the years, so that today, RPI publishes resources for leaders including those in pastoral ministry, leaders in religious education, and leaders in liturgical ministry. The major publishing programs active at this time include the following.

Books, curricula and other programs for teachers, administrators, counselors and other professionals in the larger world of education and counseling

Our "niche" as a publishing company for 35 years has been in the intersection of imagination with issues in the areas of personal growth, liturgical celebrations and leadership. The educational resources you'll find here are designed to engage the imaginations of students, especially those who are marginal or at-risk, so they will be motivated to learn and grow. The personal growth titles on our list will help you stimulate your own growth, face your losses and face yourself. Our ministry resources are designed to help Catholic and mainline Protestant church leaders in the areas of religious education, ministry and worship.



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Elizabeth J. Asborno

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Mary Dent
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    Lisa Lentz

Marketing Manager
Josh Burns
    Ministry Consultant
        Caroline Thomas
    Graphic Artist

    Acquisitions Editor
    Editor, Ministry & Liturgy magazine
    Ada Simpson
    Associate Editor, Ministry & Liturgy magazine
    Donna Cole

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