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How to Order

How to Order Products from RPI:


Dealers and distributors are encouraged to order any of the resources featured in this web site via email at .

Dealers may also order RPI resources through traditional channels:
by mail - Order Desk
              Resource Publications Inc.
              160 East Virginia St., Suite #170
              San Jose, CA 95112-5876

by fax -  (408) 287-8748, or
phone     (888) 273-7782 (TOLL FREE)
or           (408) 286-8505

or, dealers may order through distributors such as Baker & Taylor. When ordering please include your company name, "snail mail" address, telephone number, email address and a purchase order number. If you have never ordered from RPI before please also include three credit references, your resale number and specify a method of shipment (UPS, FedEx Ground, USPS Book Rate, etc.).

Promotional Support

Dealers and distributors are welcome to download promotional and descriptive copy from this web site for use in their own promotional literature or on their own web site.
Package stuffers, catalogs and advertising layouts are also available upon request.

Trade Terms


Effective 01/01/2012

Automatic $100 new-account credit limit normally available to any bookstore, other retailer, wholesaler, or other organization purchasing books for resale -- at our discretion, subject to prior credit history; larger credit limit available on request, if merited by credit history.

Payment of all invoices within 30 days in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank or by international postal money order. Finance charge 1.5% per month.

Unsold books in saleable condition may be returned for full credit (at actual discounted price) no sooner than 90 days, and no later than 365 days, following purchase. Return shipping costs must be prepaid by sender. No damaged returns accepted! Returns for credits only. Returns must be accompanied by your account number and invoice number.

Shipping costs (actual) will be added to invoice.

$1 drop-shipping charge for each additional delivery address (after the first) in a single order.


On most books (unless designated "reference", "textbook," or "short discount"):

1-4 books -- 20%
5-24 books -- 40%
25-49 books -- 42%
50-99 books -- 44%
100-199 books -- 46%
200-299 books -- 48%
300+ books -- 50%

Discounts apply to mixed titles. STOP Orders accompanied by check receive 20% discount plus free shipping.

On books designated, "reference," "textbook," or "short discount":

1-4 books -- 10%
5+ books -- 20%

Orders for short-discount books may be mixed with regular-discount books to receive discount. Some short-discount books have limited return policies.

Rights & Permissions

If you would like to negotiate rights for a work published by RPI, we would need your request submitted by email, fax, or mail, and detailing exactly what material you propose to use and how you propose to use it. In the case where the material is to be used in another publication, project, or product of any kind, we need to know something about the final product, including the price, press run, and proportion of RPI material to the whole. Foreign language rights are available on most titles.

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