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LC's faith formation content moves
to Ministry & Liturgy magazine!
SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 22, 2005 — Liturgical Catechesis magazine has taken a new turn after more than three years as a newsletter and another four years as a magazine. Responding to the need for an integrated approach to all aspects of community formation and worship, the editors at Resource Publications will merge two magazines into one under the banner of Ministry & Liturgy. (More)

2005 Issues

Liturgical Catechesis supports catechesis that comes from and leads back into the liturgy. Editor David Philippart and experts in liturgy, catechetics, and initiation ministries fill the pages of each issue with indispensable tools for organizing parish life around the liturgical year.

Liturgical Catechesis
August-September 2005
Volume 8 Number 4


O, How Long?!
By David Philippart
Longing and desire are made holy in Advent.

Four Lessons from Summer
By Michael Mansfield
We can practice liturgical catechesis by reflecting on the seasons!

We can wait!
By Gertrud Mueller Nelson
We say it all the time" “I can't wait!” But yes we can!.
Number 4 in The Domestic Church series


Pray, Believe, Learn, and Live by Eliot Kapitan
  • Advent yearning: The “O Antiphon” days
  • The Way We Pray Shapes Our Days by Gabe Huck & Theresa Kubasak
  • There's more than we ever dream
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  • Liturgical Catechesis
    June-July 2005
    Volume 8 Number 3


    All times belong to Christ
    By David Philippart
    How might the liturgical year organize and give meaning to all the other calendars and schedules that we keep?

    Celebrate God's word to crown the academic-catechetical year
    By Vivian E. Williams
    End the school year with a Liturgy of the word. Here's how — and why!

    The art of living
    By Gertrud Mueller Nelson
    Keeping the feasts and fasts of the church year at home make for artful living. Number 3 in the Domestic Church series.


    Pray, Believe, Learn, and Live by Eliot Kapitan
  • Sunday: The heart of our week
  • The Way We Pray Shapes Our Days by Gabe Huck & Theresa Kubasak
  • How firm a foundation?
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    Liturgical Catechesis
    April-May 2005
    Volume 8 Number 2


    Our days are numbered
    By David Philippart
    In ordinary time we read and revel in parables, and Matthew offers some unique stories for liturgy and catechesis about our life in God

    Christians and Jews: Reflecting on our relationship in the year of Matthew
    By Maria Leonard
    As we read the Gospel most concerned with our Jewish roots, here is an update on the state of dialog between Christians and Jews.

    Celebrating First Fruits: Assumption Day
    By Gertrud Mueller Nelson
    Here's how to celebrate this extraordinary feast in the middle of Summer Ordinary Time. Number 2 in the Domestic Church series.


    Pray, Believe, Learn by Eliot Kapitan
  • Honoring the Gospel
  • The Way We Pray Shapes Our Days by Gabe Huck & Theresa Kubasak
  • Let the Bible belt you

  • Liturgical Catechesis
    February-March 2005
    Volume 8 Number 1


    Now the queen of seasons, bright
    By David Philippart
    Even if you think you don't deserve to celebrate, God gives us the paschal season as a gracious gift of time.

    Easter feasting with children
    By Vivian Williams
    With a candle, some olive oil, and a bowl of water, you can help children savor the essence of Easter.

    Domestic church: Easter at home
    By Gertrud Mueller Nelson
    Think for a moment about Easter eggs, the Easter basket, and bringing home the fire.


    Pray, Believe, Learn by Eliot Kapitan
  • Easter Candle, baptismal garment: Dressed in Christ
  • The Way We Pray Shapes Our Days by Gabe Huck & Theresa Kubasak
  • Life and liturgy are the same song

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