Edited by Ada Simpson

In addition to features and regular columns on topics of interest to the entire parish team — rites, music, faith formation, Scripture, art and architecture, hospitality, and many others — you will find valuable tools and inspiration in every issue.

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February 2015


Christ Icon by John Stuart, pastor, Erin Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, Tenn. Gallery:

From Inside ML:

Year 42: taking Christ to the world

A few months ago, I took a rather long road trip. Weary of driving, I felt the need for a little jolt of caffeine and decided to stop at the next rest area. I pulled off the highway and got into a fast food restaurant’s long drive-thru line. I shouted my order into one of those invisible and impersonal microphones and fumbled to extract a few dollars from my wallet. As I inched my way forward to the pickup window, I couldn’t help but notice the bumper sticker on the car in front of me: “Practice random acts of kindness.” With a wink and a nod, I silently concurred. I approached the window and attempted to hand the cashier my payment. She waved me off: “It’s all taken care of. The car in front of you paid for your order.” The stranger’s generosity and good will put a smile on my face. What a kind thing to do. I followed suit and cheerfully paid for the order of the car behind me. Suddenly my tedious and stressful drive just got a whole lot better.... (Read More)

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Feature Articles

Taking Christ to the world
Marty Roers

Preparing Good Friday: holding fast to the mystery
Donna Cole

RCIA and Triduum: building anticipation
Mary Patricia Storms

Bread & Concrete: Where liturgy & ministry meet
Part 1: our holy odors of belonging

Ron Raab


Inside ML
Year 42: taking Christ to the world

Ada Simpson

Worship Times 
Reflections on news around the church
Todd Flowerday 

Bulletin Inserts
Miraculous Medal
Ordinary Time Weekdays
Paul Turner

A Willing Spirit
So you should also do: following Jesus’s model of service
Mary Amore

Moving Rite Along
Custody of the ears: Focusing on the voice of God
Donna M. Cole

Ritual Formation
Good Friday Passion
David E. Fedor

Liturgical Ministry
Mary of Bethany: patron saint of Holy Week
Corinna Laughlin

Lectionary Spirituality / Year B
Holy Thursday through Easter Sunday 2015
Bruce Janiga

Music, Liturgy, Spirit
Charity: a key to unity in our own house
Ken Canedo

Liturgy Matters
Happy now? How the Mass fills the void

Dan Gonzalez

Bridge Work
Washing the church
Ron Raab

Ministry & Technology
Go-to apps
Joanne Mercier

Evangelizing Catechesis
U.S. catechesis in 2015 (and what we should do about it)
Joyce Donahue



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