Edited by Ada Simpson

In addition to features and regular columns on topics of interest to the entire parish team — rites, music, faith formation, Scripture, art and architecture, hospitality, and many others — you will find valuable tools and inspiration in every issue.

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Current Issue

August 2014


Church of Norway, Alesund Kirke, Alesund, Norway. Photo by Ada Simpson.

From Inside ML:

The feast that frees us

Every Sunday an elderly gentleman chats with me after Mass. Tom is a jovial man. He always wears a big smile and has a joke or riddle to share. Sometimes he even has a little present for me. A few weeks ago he gave me a most wonderful gift. As I was packing up my music and closing the roll top of the organ console, he stopped to comment on the music.... (Read More)

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Feature Articles

Go make disciples: Moving the assembly from consumers to contributors
Tom Corcoran

Communion blessing: To bless or not to bless?
of the spiritual in church

Dan Gonzalez

Faith-quake: When grief collides with faith
Victor Parachin

Map of the heart: 10 images and insights for survivors of suicide
Joni Woelfel


Inside ML
The feast that frees us

Ada Simpson

Worship Times 
Reflections on news around the church
Todd Flowerday 

Bulletin Inserts
Weddings at Sunday Mass
Words in Remembrance
Paul Turner

A Willing Spirit
Whatever you do for the least …
Mary Amore

Moving Rite Along
November feasts: Saints alive
Donna M. Cole

Ritual Formation
“He shall come to rule the earth with justice” (Ps 98:9)
David E. Fedor

Liturgical Ministry
Vesture for lay ministers: the cons and the pros

Corinna Laughlin

Lectionary Spirituality / Year A
All Saints to Thanksgiving Day (U.S.) 2014
Bruce Janiga

Music, Liturgy, Spirit
Sounds and soul of November
Ken Canedo

Celebrating Our Diversity
Musicians as agents of freedom
Pedro Rubalcava

Bridge Work
Cracked open
Ron Raab

Ministry & Technology
Adventures in podcasting (part 2)
Joanne Mercier

Go Make Disciples of All
What Catholics do (part 2)
Cecelia P. Regan



  • Ministry & Liturgy June/July 2014

    Songs of grace: It is well with my soul
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  • Ministry & Liturgy May 2014

    Following the Good Shepherd
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