Edited by Ada Simpson

In addition to features and regular columns on topics of interest to the entire parish team — rites, music, faith formation, Scripture, art and architecture, hospitality, and many others — you will find valuable tools and inspiration in every issue.

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Current Issue

April 2015


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From Inside ML:

The name of Jesus: showing we are his

For many years my friend Sally was the director of religious education for a large and sprawling diocese in the northeast. It wasn’t the path that she set out on when she graduated from college. She had a successful career in business for quite some time. But like so many, she received that call from a higher authority, and she answered. She started off as a volunteer and then became a parish DRE. Before she knew it, she was in graduate school and juggling home, family, parish ministry, and her studies. In her work for the diocese, she traveled miles and miles every week, going from parish to parish to instruct, assist, and support those entrusted with the awesome task of parish faith formation. So when it came time for her young grandson to attend his first religious education class, she was filled with exuberance.... (Read More)

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Feature Articles

Refreshing the soul: Increasing appreciation for the liturgy through sacramental service
Jake Nelson

Bread & Concrete: Where liturgy & ministry meet
Part 3: Kisses of betrayal and mercy

Ron Raab

The power of kindness
Peggy Patenaude

Making Ordinary Time less ordinary
Dan Gonzalez and Ada Simpson


Inside ML
The name of Jesus: showing we are his

Ada Simpson

Worship Times 
Reflections on news around the church
Todd Flowerday 

Bulletin Inserts
St. Peter Chanel
St. George
Paul Turner

A Willing Spirit
Sons and daughters of God
Mary Amore

Moving Rite Along
Blue lights and red doors: Being Christ’s in the way we live
Donna M. Cole

Ritual Formation
Corpus Christi
David E. Fedor


Liturgical Ministry
Giving thanks and praise
Corinna Laughlin

Lectionary Spirituality / Year B
Most Holy Trinity through 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2015
Bruce Janiga

Music, Liturgy, Spirit
Virgil Michel’s social justice legacy
Ken Canedo

Liturgy Matters
Tongue-tied? Surveying the gift of tongues
Dan Gonzalez

Bridge Work
Touching the hem of leadership
Ron Raab

Ministry & Technology
Pinterest: my go-to tool for organizing — and evangelizing
Allison Gringas

Evangelizing Catechesis
Helping families become a community of faith
Joyce Donahue



  • Ministry & Liturgy February 2015

    Year 42: taking Christ to the world
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  • Ministry & Liturgy March 2015

    Manifesting God’s love
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