Edited by Ada Simpson

In addition to features and regular columns on topics of interest to the entire parish team — rites, music, faith formation, Scripture, art and architecture, hospitality, and many others — you will find valuable tools and inspiration in every issue.

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Current Issue

October 2014


Church in Snow by John Stuart, pastor, Erin Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, Tenn.

From Inside ML:

Christ, the love of God incarnate

For years, my mother and I had the same conversation every December. I’d ask, “Mom, what do you want for Christmas?” She’d reply, “Oh, nothing. Just a pair of stockings or a pocket handkerchief. Don’t go spending a lot of money.” I’d get so frustrated and inevitably wind up buying a sweater or a blouse or a pair of gloves that got tucked away in her bureau drawer and were never worn.... (Read More)

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Feature Articles

Building up church: a Christmas wish list
Visioning the future of the church

Pastor and community: Sharing responsibility for the construction, reconstruction, or restoration of a worship space (part 2)
William C. Graham

Whoever receives a child in my name: How becoming parents is a whole new experience of God
Javier Bustamante

In the cradle of Christianity: 3 pilgrimage stories
Ken Canedo


Inside ML
Christ, the love of God incarnate

Ada Simpson

Worship Times 
Reflections on news around the church
Todd Flowerday 

Bulletin Inserts
Paul Turner

A Willing Spirit
Obedience to God’s will
Mary Amore

Moving Rite Along
Awakening our memory of baptism

Donna M. Cole

Ritual Formation
Ritual resolutions
David E. Fedor

Liturgical Ministry
Still learning from the Directory for Masses with Children
Corinna Laughlin

Lectionary Spirituality / Year B
Christmas 2014 through Baptism of the Lord 2015 (B)
Bruce Janiga

Music, Liturgy, Spirit
Nostalgia and liturgy
Ken Canedo

Celebrating Our Diversity
Moving from welcoming to belonging
Pedro Rubalcava

Bridge Work
Christmas light: Go and search diligently
Ron Raab

Ministry & Technology
Verbum: the great Catholic digital library that can (part 1)
Joanne Mercier

Go Make Disciples of All
Ready, set, go! 10 tips for catechists (part 1)
Cecelia P. Regan



  • Ministry & Liturgy September 2014

    Dreaming God’s reign anew
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  • Ministry & Liturgy August 2014

    The feast that frees us
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