Edited by Ada Simpson

In addition to features and regular columns on topics of interest to the entire parish team — rites, music, faith formation, Scripture, art and architecture, hospitality, and many others — you will find valuable tools and inspiration in every issue.

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Current Issue

September 2014


Advent Candles by John Stuart, pastor, Erin Presbyterian Church, Knoxville Tenn.

From Inside ML:

Dreaming God’s reign anew

When I was a child, a special event took place in my home every year. I think it happened in late September or early October. Though it wasn’t a birthday or an anniversary, a trip to an apple orchard or a hayride, it was eagerly anticipated by me and my two older brothers. We would squeal with delight the day that the Sears “Wishbook” arrived in the mail.... (Read More)

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Feature Articles

The texts of Advent: wisdom for ministry
Joyce S. Donahue

Pastor and community: Sharing responsibility for the construction, reconstruction, or restoration of a worship space (part 1)
William C. Graham

Beyond the infancy narratives: the rest of the story
Mary Pat Storms

The art of pausing: meditation and haiku
Judith Valente


Inside ML
Dreaming God’s reign anew

Ada Simpson

Worship Times 
Reflections on news around the church
Todd Flowerday 

Bulletin Inserts
Conditional Baptism
Kissing Stoles
Paul Turner

A Willing Spirit
Be ready: we do not know the day or the hour
Mary Amore

Moving Rite Along
Advent: what are we waiting for?

Donna M. Cole

Ritual Formation
Advent wreaths
David E. Fedor

Liturgical Ministry
Prophetic preaching: lessons from Isaiah
Corinna Laughlin

Lectionary Spirituality / Year B
Advent 2014
Bruce Janiga

Music, Liturgy, Spirit
Praying the O Antiphons
Ken Canedo

Celebrating Our Diversity
Intercultural Advent
Pedro Rubalcava

Bridge Work
Advent: getting under our skin
Ron Raab

Ministry & Technology
Time to upgrade?
Joanne Mercier

Go Make Disciples of All
What Catholics do (part 3)
Cecelia P. Regan



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    The feast that frees us
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  • Ministry & Liturgy June/July 2014

    Songs of grace: It is well with my soul
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