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Ministry Resource Update - April 2013

How do parishioners know that Pentecost is an important feast? We call it the birthday of the Church, second only to Easter in importance in the liturgical year. What can we do in our parishes to make that importance felt? Obviously the liturgical environment should be festive. The Easter environment is still there, but now we add red for the Holy Spirit.


Ministry Resource Update - March 2013

We do not want to lose them. We have been meeting with most of them for the better part of a year. Once we get past Easter Vigil and the big night they have been waiting for is done, what happens to them? The mystagogical period helps them reflect on and understand what they have experienced.


Ministry Resource Update - February 2013

Of the three liturgies of the Triduum, Good Friday is the most well-attended. It seems that Catholics instinctively flock to the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion, just as they do to Ash Wednesday Masses. There is something about this liturgy that invites Catholic participation.


Ministry Resource Update - January 2013

Every year it is a similar drill preparing the community for the upcoming Lenten season. We know to publish the rules about Fasting and Abstinence. We plan extra time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, including a parish-wide communal reconcilation service which includes the opportunity for individual celebration of the sacrament. There are many creative options for this in Reconciliation Liturgies: Fifteen Celebrations for All Seasons.


Ministry Resource Update - December 2012

Most families have lots of togetherness activities during the holidays and during the Advent season leading up to it. Choosing and decorating a tree, hanging up lights, baking cookies, sending cards, purchasing and wrapping gifts, cooking and parties, and planning surprises for one another. What happens after the holidays?


Showing 1 - 5 of 29 Articles