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New Book Offers a Fresh Look at Scripture

SAN JOSE, Calif., August 19, 2010—Resource Publications announces the availability of Risk-Shaped Discipleship. This book strives to help the church and its members engage in the business of living out the faith in a world where change is unavoidable and where the articulation of a theology of change and a spirituality of risk are prerequisites for the journey deeper into God. With dozens of pointed discussion questions that squarely face the realities of the 21st century, this book takes as its starting point the reality of change, and it seeks to explore how change may be seen positively by the church. It also seeks to help reinvigorate its teaching and ministry and the way in which Christians understand their spiritual journey. 

Change is seen not only as a welcome dynamic of the life of faith, but as the very source of unexpected and transformative encounters with God and the transcendent. For God is forever coming into the world, ceaselessly creating and opening up rich possibilities for new beginnings. Reflection questions make this book useful for individuals and also for groups wanting to generate a meaningful discussion about how Christianity is to be lived responsibly and creatively in the world. 

Risk-Shaped Discipleship CoverRISK-SHAPED DISCIPLESHIP
On Going Deeper into the Life of God
Terry Biddington 
Paper, $22.95
208 pages, 5½" x  8½"
ISBN 0-89390-693-X

How do you live out your faith when everything is changing so fast? To those filled with anxiety, fear, and pessimism, Terry Biddington turns the question on its head: How could you possibly live out your faith if the times were not changing? After all, God is all about creativity; creation is all about wonder; the gospel is all about the unexpected. And the Christian church is—or should be—all about improvising to the tune of hope, personified in the dance of one Jesus of Nazareth. It's risky. It's difficult. It's deep into the life of God. 

The Rev. Terry Biddington holds an M.A. in theology from Manchester University, and a PhD. from Leeds University in 16th Century Spanish religious verse. He is Anglican Chaplain to the three universities of the Manchester Higher Education Community in Manchester, UK.

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