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For Immediate Release
Contact: Caroline Thomas

Liturgy of the Hours added to E-Ordo 2007

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 9, 2007 — Resource Publications has expanded the data in its electronic calendar data project E-Ordo 2007 to include information regarding the Liturgy of the Hours, along with the feast, color, reading citations, and all the information that had been included previously.

The data also has had some minor errors corrected as well as several "new" saints added to the calendar. Also, we added the year to the category name, so that one year of calendar data can be deleted (for Outlook users) rather than having to delete all of the data for all years.

Since you have already purchased E-Ordo for 2007, you may, if you wish, use your password to download the expanded version. There is no charge for downloading the expanded version, and the same password you used previously will work to download the data again. Your existing calendar ordo data should be removed before importing it again, otherwise the information will be duplicated on every day of the year. Outlook users can use the simple directions in the E-Ordo FAQs to remove the 2007 data before importing it again. Palm users cannot remove the old data so easily, but can define a new user into which they can import the new data. Those using other calendar programs should consult their documentation or support channels for instructions to remove data.

The inclusion of Hours information was done to add value to the E-Ordo for those who need or want the Liturgy of the Hours information.

For anyone curious to see how the Liturgy of the Hours data looks, we have created a demo version for the liturgical year 2006 which includes the changes mentioned above. If you know anyone who could be helped by having Ordo data on their electronic calendar, please forward this email to them and urge them to try the FREE demo.

Finally, while you are at the E-Ordo page, you might want to consider purchasing E-Ordo 2008, which is now available, and which also includes the data for the Liturgy of the Hours.

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To download the E-Ordo 2007 data again, obtain your password and visit www.rpinet.com/products/eordo.html.
To order and download E-Ordo 2008 data, visit www.rpinet.com/products/eordo.html.

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