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Homilies for Transformation and Conversion

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 29, 2010—Resource Publications announces the publication of Homilies to Transform Hearts and Minds. This book is full of homilies that keep the assembly listening attentively and touch the listeners' hearts and minds. Fr. Papineau uses his experience to show how it's done.

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Andre Papineau, SDS
Paper, $20.95
112 pages, 5½" × 8½"
ISBN 0-89390-690-5

We all go through many life transitions—things like graduating, marrying, moving from one city to another, being depressed, losing a job. These are but a few examples. But how often do we think of any of these transitions as opportunities for conversion experiences in which we might come to a deeper understanding of self, world, and God?

In this book you will find twenty-five brief, scripture-based homilies that are, hopefully, about our own experiences in transitions and their potential as conversion experiences.

About the Author
Andre Papineau is a member of the Salvatorian community and associate professor of pastoral studies at Sacred Heart School of Theology in Franklin, Wisconsin. He has been teaching homiletics there since 1979. With advanced degrees in drama and theology, he gives presentations, lectures, and workshops on preaching, storytelling, and transitions for teachers, clergy, and the general public across the country. He is the author of ten books including Jesus and the Kingdom of Nobodies (Resource Publications) and Breaking Up, Down and Through (Paulist Press) on transitions.
Endorsements from reviewers

“As the saying goes, ‘When life shuts one door, God always opens another.’ It may just as readily be true, however, that if one door is opened, all the other doors slam shut in the draft. What Andre Papineau does is open new doors one at a time with each reflection, so that the draft he creates slams shut all those old worn out ones that we once thought made so much sense. Caution: a new way of thinking can bring about a change of mind which may very well lead to a change of heart and a new way of living.” — Rev. Joseph Juknialis, author

“With his familiar wit, verve and creativity, Andre Papineau has produced a first rate set of reflections on the Sunday readings. He connects the Word of God with the reality of our lives. No preacher could ask for more or settle for less.” — Steven Avella, Priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee

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