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Catechize Your Whole Community

SAN JOSE, Calif., January 6, 2011—Resource Publications announces the availability of a new CD-ROM to assist in catechizing your English and Spanish-speaking community regarding liturgy. Perhaps you have been translating English bulletin inserts for Spanish-speaking parishioners. Now they are available already translated and ready to go into your bulletin or other media in both languages.

Weekly Guides

Caroline M. Thomas
CD-ROM, $39.95
ISBN 0-89390-704-9

This collection of 115 brief inserts for bulletins, newsletters, or other parish media explains the various parts of the Mass in small segments. Now they are available in Spanish as well as English for effortless incorporation into your bilingual bulletins and other media.


Lamb of God

This is a litany that is sung during the breaking of the bread. In the early church, the breaking of the bread could be lengthy as all the bread was broken, so this litany could expand to be sung throughout this action. As communions became less frequent and the bread became individual unleavened hosts instead of bread broken from one leavened loaf, the Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) was shortened to three repetitions. Because some churches once again use bread that needs to be broken, the litany is once again written so it can be expanded to fit the action.

El Cordero de Dios

Ésta es una letanía que se canta durante la fracción del pan. En las primeras etapas de la Iglesia, la fracción del pan podía tomar mucho tiempo, ya que todo el pan era partido, así que la letanía se podía alargar para cantarla mientras duraba esta acción. Dado que las comuniones se volvieron menos frecuentes y el pan se convirtió en hostias individuales ázimas, en lugar de pan fragmentado o de una hogaza de levadura, el Cordero de Dios (Agnus Dei) fue acortado a sólo tres repeticiones. Dado que algunas iglesias han vuelto a utilizar pan que es necesario fragmentar, la letanía fue reescrita de manera que pueda alargarse para adaptarse a cada caso.

Caroline Thomas has been involved in liturgy planning since the early 1970's, leading to an MA degree from the University of Santa Clara in 1992. She has worked in parishes as the director of liturgy for over 14 years, and continues to be passionate about the potential of the liturgy to transform its participants.

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