Visual Arts Awards Information

The VAA competitions are held throughout the year in four separate categories. Entries may be submitted by liturgical artists, artisans, architects, and consultants. Patrons may submit entries on behalf of the artists, architects, and/or consultants but may not collect prizes for their work. The five winners of each competition (four BENEs and one Honorable Mention) are presented in a full-color feature in the online version of Ministry & Liturgy and receive printed award certificates.

The Best of Show in each competition receives a cash award of $100, is featured on a full page, full color advertisement, and receives 25 complimentary copies of Ministry & Liturgy

A three-member jury  will judge entries on liturgical relevance, originality, overall concept, aesthetic appeal, and craftsmanship/use of materials. Project authorship is concealed during jury deliberations. 

All entries are automatically eligible to be considered for future use on covers of Ministry & Liturgy magazine.

All entries must have the consent of the owner and participants.

The editors reserve the right to classify an entry in a different category based on the information submitted. The examples given are not necessarily exhaustive. Any object or architectural element with a specific liturgical use or purpose is eligible and may find its place within one of the competitions according to the definition of that category.

Competition categories:

Art Glass: Ornamental, occasional, or permanently installed (structural) art glass. Examples: stained glass, etched and sandblasted glass, faceted glass, and molten glass.

Sacred Art: Permanently installed or occasional art. Examples: sculpture (bas and full relief), paintings, drawings, multimedia, murals, trompe l’oeil and other decorative  paintings, mosaics, iconography, tapestries or banners, etc.

Ritual Objects and Sacred Symbols: Vessels, vesture, and furnishings either seasonal or permanent. Examples: chalice, monstrance, tabernacle, vestment, baptismal font, paschal candle, sacred oils ambry, altar, ambo, crucifix, presidential chair, cathedra, textiles (processional banner, altar cloth, parament), and ritual furnishings (credence table, candlestand, book shrine, etc.).

Sacred Spaces and Architecture: Spaces and buildings that foster prayer. Examples: chapel, shrine, memorial, prayer walk, prayer garden, reconciliation chapel, stations of the cross, Easter fire plaza, church building or restoration, reredos, baldachino, etc.

To submit an entry, include:

  • Entry fee: $30 (USD) per entry
  • Completed entry form (download below)
  • Two sets of digital (TIFF) images, 8 ⅝" × 11 ⅛", one set at 300 dpi and the other set at 100 dpi resolution, on CD (no image files by e-mail, please). We speak of a set of images for each entry because some objects may require more than one view to give the judges the full idea of the work, so an entry may involve, say, two or three photos of the work rather than just one photo. 

Mail Entries to:
ML Visual Arts Awards
Resource Publications
160 E. Virginia St. #290
San Jose, CA 95112-5876


Category Deadline Award appears
Art Glass 15 November April
Sacred Art 15 February June/July
Ritual Objects/Sacred Symbols 1 July October
Sacred Spaces & Architecture 1 September Dec/Jan

For more information, submission instructions, and an entry form for the VAA competitions, download the VAA brochure (a file in PDF format, requiring Adobe Reader).

If you are unable to download and print the brochure/entry form, you can request that a copy of the brochure and entry form be mailed to you, by sending an email with your name, and address to, requesting VAA Information, or calling 408-286-8505.