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160 E. Virginia St. #290
San Jose, CA 95112-5876
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For Immediate Release
Contact: Caroline Thomas

New training manual guides pastoral leaders toward whole-community ministry formation

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 31, 2006 — Resource Publications has published a tool that will help pastoral leaders take “whole-community catechesis” to the next level — making collaboration, coordination, and integration among parish leaders a reality. Forming Ministers for Whole-Community Faith Formation is based on the premise that if community members are to be well formed in the faith, then volunteer ministers themselves need to lead the way.

Formation centered on liturgy is critical to this process, as expressed by Bishop Donald Trautman in his keynote address at the 2005 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress: “The liturgy is the source of all catechesis …. The risen Jesus is always present in the liturgy. This is the fundamental way to meet and know Christ.” So the formation sessions in this book take the liturgical approach by immersing all ministers — catechists, lectors, musicians, homilists, everybody — in experiences that break open the upcoming liturgical seasons. Ministers study and discuss the Scriptures together (includes years A, B, and C), they participate in activities that relate the liturgical seasons to their ministries and lives, and then they collaborate on how to help the worshiping community likewise connect the liturgy to their year-round lived experiences.

Four sessions introduce ministry team members to the concept of whole-community faith formation in general (held in August or September); to the incarnation season (held in November); to the paschal season (held in January or February); and to Pentecost (held in April). Dozens of photocopiable handouts and resource sheets make preparation a snap. This books gives pastoral leaders a ready-to-use process for empowering the whole community to support each other in the journey of discipleship.

# # #

Edited by Janet Miller, Kathleen Truman, Katy Meister, and Helen Keating
Paper, $29.95
104 pages, 81/2” x 11”
ISBN 0-89390-647-6

To order Forming Ministers, call Resource Publications at 888-273-7782 (toll-free). To order online, visit

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Resource Publications creates prophetic resources that empower leaders in liturgy-based communities to carry out their ministries. Current ministry resources include Ministry & Liturgy magazine, Celebrating The Lectionary (a whole-community faith formation series), and other printed and electronic resources. For more information, visit

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