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Resource Publications, Inc.
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For Immediate Release
Contact: Patrice Payne

Color catechetical pictures spark the imagination of children.

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 14, 2003 — Resource Publications, Inc., announces the release of its first Color Catechetical Picture Collection for Cycle B/C, a packet of 14 color pictures, two of which are mini-posters, that can be used throughout the year to help children enhance their understanding of God’s word.

Color pictures offer an added dimension to catechetical sessions, engaging young children in learning about Scripture.  They can be integrated into any catechetical program throughout the liturgical year, or they can supplement Children’s Liturgy of the Word. Each picture is related to one or more specific Sunday readings from September 2003 through Pentecost 2004. These pictures help children understand the readings for the season and provide them with additional insight for connecting Scripture with life experiences.

Users of the Celebrating The Lectionary curriculum will find one set of these pictures inserted into the Nursery, Beginner, Primary, and Intermediate packets.  Purchase extra sets for your class or purchase a set for each child to use during the session and/or to take home with them.  In the home, these pictures will help to encourage and support weekly family discussions, deepening the faith experience of the entire family.

# # #

for Cycle B/C
Illustrated by Jean Denton and Rebecca Ritger
Looseleaf, $12
12 pictures 8½" × 11", 2 pictures 11" × 17"
July 2003

To preview Color Catechetical Picture Collection for Cycle B/C, visit http://www.rpinet.com/products/ccp.html.  Order online, or call Resource Publications, Inc., at 1-888-273-7782 (toll-free), or fax 408-287-8748.
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Resource Publications, Inc., strives to help people reach their fullest potential on both personal and professional levels, primarily by providing leadership resources for ministry and education. Current ministry resources include Ministry & Liturgy magazine, Liturgical Catechesis magazine, Liturgy Plus Cycles ABC Version 3.2, Bulletin Inserts for Liturgical Catechesis CD, Christian Music Finder CD and many other books and music collections. For more information, visit www.rpinet.com.

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