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E-Ordo is in compliance with the General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the Calendar and includes all the liturgical calendar information including colors, seasons, feasts, solemnities, memorials, and optional memorials. All readings and alternative readings are listed for every day of the week, as is information about the Liturgy of the Hours. Local variants to the universal liturgical calendar may be edited once the calendar is imported. This electronic file can be imported into most electronic calendars and platforms (PC, Mac, smartphones, and tablets).
Formatted for popular calendar programs and platforms and available as a compressed .zip download.

New: The E-Ordo includes the lectionary reading numbers, as well as the designation as to whether or not the Creed and/or the Gloria are said.

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         E-Ordo 2014 (Year A), $19.95
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E-Ordo 2015 (Year B), $19.95 

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E-Ordo Bundle:
E-Ordo 2014 and 2015 (Year A, B), $29.95

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E-Ordo 2013 (Year C), Free Demo 


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Instructions for downloading .zip files:

The file is in .zip format. A ZIP file uses the .zip file extension and is used to compress multiple files into one folder.
» For Windows users, if you have purchased a ZIP file, the first step is to save the zip file to your computer and then navigate to your folder. To unzip the file, you will have to right-click on the folder and select "extract."

» For Mac users, if you have purchased a ZIP file, the first step is to save the zip file to your computer and then navigate to your folder. To unzip the file, you will have to double-click the file you wish to unzip. Your files will be unzipped into the same folder as the original ZIP file.

» For Linux users, save the file and select open from your documents window. Users can also open a shell prompt, or terminal screen and unzip the file manually.

Troubleshooting: It is recommended to use a web search (i.e. How to open .zip files), or search your computer's help documents for answers to questions about extracting .zip file contents.
Instructions for importing files:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before importing E-Ordo into your calendar, we recommend that you back up your calendar data.

Instructions for importing .ics files:

Be sure to check your calendar application and its help file regarding specific instructions for importing .ics or .vcs files.

Some helpful links:

Google Calendar Instructions: Import .ics into Google Calendar
Apple iCal Instructions: (Video) Import .ics calendar file into iCal
Microsoft Outlook 2007-2010: Import .ics calendar file into Outlook
Microsoft Outlook 2011: Import .ics calendar file into Outlook

Check the HELP menu of your calendar application for specific instructions for your application, and version.

NOTE: While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information presented in this calendar, we cannot be held liable for any errors, omissions or inconsistencies. We appreciate customers notifying us of any irregularities so we may investigate and/or correct them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some calendars do not import iCalendar (.ics) files. If your application imports only vCalendar (.vcs) files, you will need to download the .vcs file associated with your time zone (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, and so on). Before downloading E-Ordo, refer to the documentation or tech support for your calendar. For some commonly used calendars, you may refer to the links below.

Below are some links to archive instructions and questions regarding older calendar applications:

Instructions for Outlook Calendar

Instructions for Palm Date Book

Instructions for MS Works Calendar

User Comments

User Feedback

E-Ordo is a tremendous product. Being able to carry around all of that information in such a convenient manner is such a time- and space- saver. From liturgical commission meetings to parish staff conversations, the integration between the liturgical and secular calendars helps to keep in the forefront our call to consecrate all time to God! Many thanks! — David Bonofiglio, Milwaukee, WI
Have used the E-Ordo for three years now and will never go back to my Ordo Booklet. Using my handheld has been so much easier and it keeps everything in one place.— Kelly Barth, Omaha, NE
The new E-Ordo is a practical and effective liturgical tool, and so easy to import into my Outlook calendar and smartphone! Great job! — Rev. Paul Wicker, Pastor, Holy Apostles Catholic Church, Diocese of Colorado Springs


Visit E-Ordo's Frequently Asked Questions page for links to questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

To manually download a file, open your PDF password sheet included with download and make note of your password. follow the links below. Save the file in a folder or on your desktop so you can later access it from your calendar application.

E-Ordo users alternate file downloads (password sheet required)

Download E-Ordo 2013 (Year C) FREE DEMO

Download E-Ordo 2014 (Year B)

Download E-Ordo 2015 (Year A)