The Liturgical Year for Electronic Calendars
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New Online Format! E-Ordo Live
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The liturgical calendar can now be instantly accessed online using a web browser. Users can reference the same information as the iCal (.ics) download, including colors, seasons, feasts, solemnities, memorials, optional memorials, lectionary reading numbers, and designation as to whether or not the Creed and/or the Gloria are said.

Subscribers on iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Kindle Fire, and Windows Phones can all access the same application and run it just as well as on a desktop or laptop computer. E-Ordo Live is updated as soon as new information is available and published. Subscribers will never have to worry about updates, and each time a user loads the application, he or she is receiving the latest version.

Want to download and install E-Ordo on your calendar application? Go to the E-Ordo download page and select the file to download and import.