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Assembling for Liturgy

Why do we come together to celebrate Liturgy? (We used to call it attending mass.)

  • Because we are all needed there.
  • Because the Body of Christ is not complete without us.
  • Because we can gain strength from the faith witness of others and give encouragement to others through our own faith witness
  • Because we need to acknowledge our relationship with God and with one another
  • Because God has called us.

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Baptism is a sacrament that celebrates our faith in Christ. Obviously, infants are in no position to make a faith decision to accept Christ's salvation. They cannot and do not choose to become members of the  church. Parents who present their children to be baptized, therefore, accept the responsibility for their child to learn about God and to develop a sense of the holy through their involvement with a faith community. The rite of baptism makes it very clear that parents present their children to Christ and to the church. In turn, the church blesses the parents as the child's first Christian teachers. In reflecting on this awesome task, parents should remember that they have received God's special call and God's special grace to help to form their children in the faith.

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