Year C
Millie Ferak Harmon
CD-ROM, $24.95
ISBN 0-89390-753-7

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Everyone can use some inspiration in writing the Prayers of the Faithful. Week after week a new set is needed. This collection of intercessions for year C (including holy days) makes it easy. Someone else has done the work. They are available as rich text files (.rtf) on a CD so each parish can take them and personalize them according to their own needs. Each day is laid out ready to be put in the reader's (or deacon's) binder. Simply edit it to fit your own needs: add the names of the sick or deceased, mention parish events or concerns.

Most of the days have more intercessions than will be wanted, so you can pick and choose. The Sundays are not date specific, so this set can be used every three years as the readings come around. An added bonus is a list of intercessions for specific occasions, such as Veterans Day, Mother's Day, or First Holy Communion Sunday. Swipe and paste them in as needed.

Millie Ferak Harmon has been the liturgy coordinator at St. Bartholomew Parish in Columbus, IN for fifteen years. Prior to that she worked as an English teacher and as a free-lance writer for the archdiocesan newspaper.

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Sample intercession

First Sunday Advent (C)

Lector: Please pause after each intention before inviting the people's response with "We pray to the Lord."

For our pope, bishops, and all priests:
May they be steadfast as prophets of peace
    and apostles of justice.
We pray to the Lord.

For our Catholic Church:
May our mission to help the poor and lowly
    be viewed as an important aspect of church life.
We pray to the Lord.

For all people:
May each of us encourage the spirit of mercy and understanding
    within our families and with those we meet each day.
We pray to the Lord.

For peace:
May the world lay down its weapons,
    pick up the cross of Christ,
    and put on his mind and his heart.
We pray to the Lord.

For our parish:
May this Advent season draw us into prayer and reflection
    and bring us growth in our relationship with Christ.
We pray to the Lord.

For all who struggle with fear or doubt:
May we not forget that we belong to Christ
    and that he is near to us at all times and through all things.
We pray to the Lord.

For those who are sick, including N.—:
May God grant them health in body, mind, and spirit.
We pray to the Lord.

For our beloved dead, especially N.—:
May they receive the crown of life.
We pray to the Lord.